From W.Keogh, Field Officer Arthritis Foundation.
Many thanks for all the samples.  We take these to our various groups or give them to new clients.  I hope you are getting ongoing business from this.  We do receive positive feedback.  The Thermastraps are great for specific clients to trial.  Thumbs and Wrists are certainly a problem area for OA and these supports warm up the area and help the pain relief.

From J. Judd - Consumer Adelaide
Re : Clintech Thermastrap. My shoulder didn't ache all the time.  Instead of nursing my arm, I found myself using it more. Not constantly preoccupied with my sore arm, I was able to focus better on other things - work etc.  Before using Clin-tech Thermastrap, I felt tired and irritable.

From J. Nelson - Wellington
Dear Beverly

Thank you for your advice and the information you provided when I visited the Arthritis Foundation.  The Clinical Technology Thumb/Wrist support you gave me to try out is fantastic.  It does seem to help a lot.  Thank you again.

From Mrs D Johnson - Consumer.  Vale of Glamorgan Wales UK
I have a "Thermastrap" for Thumb/Wrist but would like another.  Unfortunately I don't know where to get one now in Britain. Could you let me know where your outlets are in Wales if possible, or may be I could send you a cheque for one?  Yours was the best so I'm hoping you can help me.

From B. Chong Melbourne
I have been really surprised my Thermastrap Knee Support could work so well. After 24 hours I could start to move around more freely.  It is so comfortable I find the warmth good at night and wear it to bed.  It is the best product I have tried. 

From Shelly J. Wales
After reading the good article in Arthritis Care UK magazine on Thermastrap I brought a Thermastrap neck support.  I have had amazing relief almost immediately.  No more headaches and I just feel so much better throughout the day.

From G Newman Wellington
I am very pleased with my Elastastrap Sportsguard Knee support. It definetly gives great support around my worn cartilage area. My Surgeon said it was bone on bone but this support has made a big difference and I am back playing bowls.

From – Clare N -Whangarei
Great Elastastrap Premium Ankle, best ever for netball 

From Rita B  -New Plymouth
I recently purchased an Elastastrap  Premium Knee Support with the six support springs.   I have tried many supports and nothing helped but this support has made a huge change and I have no more pain in the knee at all. 

From  Barry K - Papakura
I am a Marathon runner and your Thermastrap Knee Stabiliser is the only support that works. I wear it just for running.

From T Judd –Dallas Texas
I suffered chronic plantar fasciitis, I tried orthotics and cortisone nothing worked until I tried the Thermastrap Ankle/Foot Support. Thanks heeps I have told many friends how it got rid of the pain 

From Elaine S – Dunedin
Thanks for the excellent Hip –Support, I had pain 24/7 and searched everywhere until I discovered the Thermastrap Hip Support. It has changed my life no more thoughts of surgery.

From Stuart B – Auckland
I am a squash player and want you to know the patella strap works great for my bad kneecap, no more knee tendon pain that I put up with for 6 years.

From Pauline R – Sydney
Thanks for the Back Super Support, the XL size fits perfectly and has stopped my pain. It seems impossible to find an extra large size of support. Now I have your XL Knee support as well and the straps stop it from slipping down. 

From Charles M – Brisbane
I put up with a bad Achilles for 6 months, but your Thermastrap Ankle/Foot support has worked wonders, I finally got over the pain. Am keeping it in my sports bag in case it returns.

From John R  - UK
Thanks for the Thermastrap Groin Support I had a problem all last season. There was nothing that worked. But this support does the trick really well. Several of our team are now using your groin support, Thanks for the great support.

From  Ken R  – Warkworth
I saw Team New Zealand using your Elastastrap Elbow Support on TV so I bought one from a pharmacy here and it cured my tennis elbow in a week. The gel seems to help stop  jarring playing tennis.