Thermastrap Sportsguard Thumb Wrist Stabiliser S/M



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Collection Name Thumb Wrist Stabiliser

Ultimate Support Featuring Removable Stabilisers and Carpal Tunnel Strap
  • COMFORT Featuring FABRON warmth for mobility plus moisture releasing breathability for day or night wear
  • SUPPORT Contoured support for most wrist/thumb problems including Computer Wrist Overuse, De Quervain Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, Scaphoid or Weak Thumb Joint
  • STABILITY Reinforced with firm adjustable thumb and wrist straps plus 2 flexible, removable stabilisers providing adjustable levels of support
  • Reversible Left or Right Wrist
  • Arthritis, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Stress fracture, Wrist fracture, Scaphoid Fracture, de Quervain Syndrome

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