Sep 28 , 2018

"Live Better For Longer"

Consider lifestyle! Adequate rest and relaxation will decrease the workload on the heart. The body system works like a bank: rest and work equate to deposit and withdrawal, try to keep things well balanced.

Rest before you get tired and you will have more energy and vitality.

Form a relaxation habit everyday at lunchtime and half an hour before bed, practice deep breathing this will relax and energise the body, perhaps also some quiet meditation or relaxed reading.

Exercise regularly - it is well proven that people who exercise lightly regularly have less coronary episodes. 

Avoid Smoking

Nutritional Modification - 

Reduce Sugar intake - Sugar raises serum cholesterol and triglycerides (blood fats)

Avoid salt completely probably the most important food factor, salt cause arteriosclerosis (thickening and hardening of the of the artery walls, restricting the flow of blood.

Reduce coffee and tea, caffeine (try and find suitable herbal tea, i.e. green tea) Caffeine can cause fluctuation in blood pressure.  

Reduce refined carbohydrates i.e. cakes and biscuits.

Increase intake of fresh fruit and green vegetables

(Meals should be vegetables and some meat not meat plus a few vegetable).

Increasing the following helps-

Garlic - Fibrintolytic activity helps reduce circulating cholesterol and triglyceride levels eat fresh garlic or take

 2 Kyolic capsules daily

Lecithin Granules - 1 teaspoon with breakfast or 1 capsule this is a fat emulsifier keeping the fats in a liquid form to prevent a build-up in the arteries. Lecithin contains choline, a key brain component in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease. 

Onion decreases blood cholesterol. 

Vitamin E - Helps to remove plague/cholesterol within the arteries and improves circulation  (1 capsule daily)

Alfalfa Sprouts - breakdown carbohydrates and protein to reduce the amount of stored fats.

Dolomite (Calcium and magnesium) will maintain the rhythm of the heart muscle  2 tabs daily or 1 teaspoon of powder in juice. 

Decrease the pressure of workload ON the heart by chewing food slowly, assisting digestion and blood flow . It is best not to skip meals rather set aside time to sit down with no interruptions and eat slowly. Thus food should be right in quality, quantity, time of eating, rate of eating!

Omega 3, supplement 1000mg Fish oil and Vit D capsule with 1-2 capsules daily this is the protective substance on which the Eskimo avoids heart problems and is well documented in medical literature.

Personal Modification

Deep breath regularly and stay relaxed during exercise, a heart attack can occur during unaccustomed exertion, excitement or severe stress. Immediate rest and relaxation is important otherwise if blood supply is insufficient it will progress to heart attack.

Avoid extremely excessive cold drinks as this can trigger irregular heart beat function.

High stress level, overweight and cigarette smoking are other "major" danger factors aggravating high blood pressure.

Workload can be reduced not only by maintaining superior nutrition as is suggested above, but also by trying much smaller but more frequent nutritive meals, say 4 or 5 times a day. 

The condition need not be a worry provided you follow all aspects of the programme, the keywords are:


Traumitane Recovery  Cream is highly  recommended on the neck and back at the end of a busy day for the relaxation of the  two common stress areas.

NOTE - This lifestyle advice is an adjunct to any existing medications and is designed to help improve the outcome of any current treatment regime. Continue with any drug or vitamin therapy.